Bombshell: Jamie Foxx Left "Paralyzed and Blind" From BLOOD CLOT IN THE BRAIN After Covid Vaccine, Veteran Journalist A.J. Benza Claims

According to rumors, Jamie Foxx was largely paralyzed and blinded by a brain blood clot.

A well-placed source told veteran Hollywood journalist A.J. Benza that Foxx, 55, suffered the catastrophic medical incident after being persuaded into having a COVID vaccine.

“The shot gave Jamie a brain blood clot. "He did not want the shot, but the movie he was on, he was pressured to get it," said the podcaster,

a former New York Daily News columnist and host of E!'s Mysteries and Scandals.

“The brain clot partially paralyzed and blinded him.”

Benza claimed his source is "someone in the room" involved in Foxx's treatment. April 11 "medical complication" hospitalized Foxx in Atlanta. His health is unknown.

Foxx was injured while filming Back in Action with Cameron Diaz, as previously reported. Foxx's body duplicate has continued filming.

Foxx's buddy, Charlie Mack, appealed for prayers for the "Django Unchained" actor on social media, but his family said he was "already on his way to recovery" owing to "quick action and great care." reported sources. Foxx's family "prepared for the worst" after his hospitalization