Fast & Furious actor hasn't seen any of the flicks.

Alan Ritchson admits to only having seen the first Fast and Furious film before being cast in Fast X. 

He unintentionally reveals this fact to Vin Diesel, the franchise's biggest star. 

Ritchson expresses regret for his confession, realizing the significance of the Fast and Furious series in Diesel's life. 

The actor acknowledges the dedication Diesel has shown to the franchise over the past two decades. 

Ritchson compares the situation to his own experience with the Reacher series, emphasizing the importance of familiarity and respect. 

He acknowledges his own foolishness and calls himself an "idiot" for his unintentional faux pas.

Ritchson shares his guilt and remorse during an interview with Rich Eisen. 

The actor reflects on how he would feel if someone made a similar comment about his work on Reacher and highlights his own hypocrisy in the situation.