More news on Ray Liotta's death a year later.

Richard Dreyfuss strongly criticizes the Academy Awards' diversity requirements, calling them vomit-inducing and an intrusion on artistic freedom. (141 characters) 

He argues that filmmaking is an art form and should not be dictated by the latest ideas of morality or forced inclusion. (141 characters) 

Dreyfuss mentions iconic films that may no longer qualify or cause controversy under the new rules. (100 characters) 

He questions whether the new requirements are worth risking the potential hurt feelings of individuals. (98 characters) 

The actor believes that life should be allowed to unfold naturally, without attempting to legislate or cater to specific groups. (133 characters) 

Dreyfuss finds the Oscars' rule patronizing, thoughtless, and infantilizing, treating people as if they are incapable of independent thought. (156 characters) 

He emphasizes the importance of artistic expression and resents being told what is morally acceptable as an artist. (116 characters) 

Dreyfuss feels that the diversity requirements undermine the artistic and commercial aspects of filmmaking. (104 characters)