Paparazzi Sues Kanye West for Grabbing and Throwing Her Phone: ‘He Has No Right to Assault Me’

Paparazzi photographer Nichol Lechmanik sues musician Ye (formerly Kanye West) for assault, battery, and negligence. 

Lechmanik claims Ye grabbed her phone and threw it into the street while she was photographing him. 

Lechmanik states that Ye's actions caused her fear and impacted her emotionally, preventing her from working.

Lechmanik filed a lawsuit seeking damages for mental and emotional pain, as well as lost earnings. 

Earlier, Lechmanik declined to press charges against Ye after the incident, as per Ventura County District Attorney's Office. 

Lechmanik previously filed a police report and called 911 following the incident. 

The lawsuit describes Ye's behavior as willful, wanton, and malicious. 

 The case has been filed with the Ventura County Superior Court near Los Angeles, California.