Tom Brady and Leonardo DiCaprio Attend $12M Wedding of Billionaire Heir Joe Nahmad in Italy

Tom Brady and Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted on a group vacation. Tom and DiCaprio attended Joe Nahmad's Madison Headrick wedding.

Per Page Six, many celebrities attended the $12.9 million wedding. One of the most influential art families, the Nahmads, is led by Joe Nahmad. Madison Headrick, a model, owns a skincare line. 

DiCaprio briefly left Cannes to attend the Sardinia event. He looked relaxed while smoking and talking to an unnamed woman.

Nahmad and Headrick married in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, in a lavish ceremony.

An Italian source estimated the lavish celebration cost $12.9 million. Luxury hotel Cala di Volpe hosted the festivities.

The hotel's website listed accommodations at €3,409 ($3,924) per night. Tom Brady was on the yacht with David Grutman and other celebrities.

The wedding had many famous attendees, including the actor and NFL icon. They included Prince William, Kate Middleton, and President Joe Biden's daughter.